In-Home Therapy



Do You Need In-Home Therapy? 

At Reddy Care Physical Therapy, we take great satisfaction in helping you maintain optimal health. We want you to get rid of the pain that prevents you from leading an active lifestyle as quickly and easily as possible. That’s why we provide in-home services! If you’ve been putting off physical therapy, Reddy-Care In-Home Services is the perfect option for you.







We Bring Therapy to You! 

 We know making the trip to our office may be too difficult, overwhelming and time-consuming, so our physical therapists can come to you! The goal of our In-Home Services is to help you maximize your overall independence and wellness in the comfort, convenience, and privacy of your own home – no more driving to and waiting for your appointment. Enjoy quality one-on-one time getting better quickly and easily!

In-home care was developed with you and your physical limitations in mind and can give you the opportunity to enjoy convenient, accessible outpatient therapy personalized to your specific needs. In fact, when it comes to one-on-one physical therapy for folks with restrictions, there’s no better choice than in-home care. Why? Your body is unique, and our friendly, skilled and certified physical therapists know that.

Each time we make a trip to your home, your own private physical therapist will focus on your needs and the right therapy for you, targeting the source of pain. Your physical therapist will keep both your mind and body moving through therapeutic exercises and other interventions proven to alleviate pain and improve your posture, strength, endurance, balance, flexibility, range of motion and quality of life.

In fact, our care is proven to release endorphins that help relieve your symptoms by energizing and lifting your mood, getting you back to living a happy, healthy and pain-free life!


What better way to start your road to recovery than in the comfort of your own home?

Also, keep in mind: not only are our In-Home Services affordable, but they’re considered outpatient therapy by Medicare Part B and most private insurance carriers. In fact, rates are similar to outpatient therapy in our clinic – but what we do is much more effective and functional. 



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    Dr. Raoul Roces, DPT

    I graduated from University at Buffalo in 2013 with my BS in exercise science and DPT degree. Working as a home care therapist with Reddy care was my first job out of college. After 3 years, I became the director of home care and have been working with our home care coordinator, Jonathan, on building up the in-home there branch of Reddy care. I like to find a balance between manual therapy and exercises, with a bit more focus on the exercise aspect.


    Dr. Stanline Anto, DPT

    I received my Bachelor's degree in physical therapy from India and my Doctorate from Utica college in NY. I have eight years of experience, spending my last three years with Reddy Care. I began in Reddy Care’s home therapy program, where I was for two years, and now I am working in the clinic. I support all of the therapists at the Great Neck location, along with the techs and the front desk. I ensure that patient care is optimal and that every patient has a pleasant experience and that they reach their treatment goals.

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