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Virtual Reality Balance Machine


Virtual Reality Balance Machine FAQ: 

The ProKin MF is a dynamic and static balance board training and assessment system capable of single and double leg movements with up to 50 different levels of instability. This VR balance system has a wide base which allows both single and double leg stance assessments to be performed while also having the ability for one of the two main axes to be locked, limiting movement to be solely front-back or solely left-right.  This system also has a trunk sensor so the patient’s trunk movements can be assessed.  

Each patient’s specific training program and profiles are recorded and provides real time assessment and data analysis so their therapist can keep track of their progress and the patient can bring the report to their doctor! In addition, it has training protocol for specific conditions, base line concussion testing, and keeps a report on patient’s statistics which include force, balance, stability, flexibility, flexion, and more!  

Each patient will have their own unique assessment which will provide precise and detailed data that will be used to measure progress and create specific training plans and programs for evidence base outcomes! Available in both Great Neck and Farmingdale practices. 





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