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Your feet and ankles have to work extremely hard to support your weight and enable you to move around, which is a function they excel at most of the time. When anything goes wrong with your feet or ankles, the expert team at Reddy Care Physical & Occupational Therapy throughout New York state, provides a comprehensive selection of physical therapies to help foot and ankle conditions heal and restore your full range of motion. Call the office today if you need treatment for a foot or ankle condition, or book an appointment online.

Foot and Ankle Conditions Q & A

What conditions affect the foot and ankle?

The two main types of conditions that can affect the foot and ankle are injuries to the structures and degeneration of the tissues. Injuries may be acute or they can develop over time through overuse.

The types of foot and ankle conditions seen most frequently include:


Fractures of the bones in the feet are common. They typically cause pain, inflammation, and bruising, but it’s often still possible to walk with a fracture of a small foot bone.

Achilles tendon injuries

The Achilles tendon runs down the back of your heel. Damage often occurs during sporting activities when the tendon is overstretched and tears, causing an Achilles tendon rupture.

Symptoms include pain near the heel and an inability to bend your foot forward or stand on your toes.

Achilles tendinitis is an overuse injury of the Achilles tendon most often seen in tennis and basketball players and runners.


Bursae are the fluid-filled cushions that protect the joints. If you develop bursitis, the bursae become irritated and inflamed, causing a decrease in your foot’s ability to absorb shock. There may be a pain in your heel, the ball of your foot, or the base of your big toe joint.

Bone spurs

A bone spur is a tiny pointed outgrowth of bone in the foot. Bone spurs may develop as a result of arthritis and tendinitis, causing foot pain, numbness, and tenderness.

Flat feet

People with flat feet don’t have much of an arch to their feet. Symptoms of flat feet include pain, aching feet, and difficulty standing on your toes. Flat feet may be congenital, which means you’re born with them, or they may develop as a result of a fracture or torn ligament in your foot.

How does physical therapy help foot and ankle conditions?

Physical therapies can help relieve the pain and improve function if you have a problem in your feet or ankles. Treatments may include:

  • Massage
  • Ultrasound
  • Electrical stimulation
  • Cold and heat treatment
  • Laser therapy

These passive forms of physical therapy reduce pain and inflammation and improve mobility. Stretching and strengthening exercises are also important, and your therapist combines the most effective techniques for your particular problem.

Gait analysis is a vital element of your treatment plan, as problems in the feet and ankles can have a significant effect on the way you move around.

If your treatment didn’t address these gait issues, it could cause damage to structures further up the leg and into the lower back, leading to chronic pain.

If you’re experiencing pain or functional difficulties in your feet or ankles, call Reddy Care Physical & Occupational Therapy today, or book an appointment online.