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Virtual Reality Treadmill


Virtual Reality Treadmill 

Do you have an even gait pattern?  Have you ever wondered how you run? Our virtual reality treadmill gives instant feedback on gait patterns with help from 3-D cameras.

Walking and running… will never be the same again!  Integrated 3D cameras help to give instant feedback for analyzing movement and posture. You can discover, in real-time, how you can change your gait pattern to improve your posture, decrease you chances of falling, and improve your stride in a safe way.

The TecnoBody is the only treadmill with an embedded PC platform that monitors and records step length, step speed, step symmetry range of motion of hips, knees, and ankles. All these functions create a unique system for a complete and usable gait analysis without any attached device. These features can help detect any deficiencies to prevent problems down the road.

 Our virtual reality treadmill allows you to exercise in multiple parts of the world, while staying in our clinic! With the Walker View, you can immerse in a virtual environment of your choosing and travel to cities such as Paris and Italy.

Located in both our Reddy Care Farmingdale and Reddy Care Great Neck clinics.

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