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Do you Struggle with Daily Activities?

Occupational therapy can help you with your daily tasks

If household chores are becoming too difficult for you, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to give them up if you don’t want to. Many people hire help or rely on family members to come by to do laundry, dust, do the dishes, or even decorate for holidays. Occupational therapists can work with you to teach you the safest and least energy-consuming way to manage your household tasks.

An OT can show you how to get laundry safely to and from the basement, how to fold clothes without becoming exhausted, and remove clothes from washer and dryer without falling over. There are methods to clean the house and do dishes that will make it easier for you.

Having someone else take over meal preparation can be a big change. Nobody cooks like you do, and it can be frustrating to explain to someone else exactly how you want your food prepared. An OT can teach you how to continue to cook for yourself without becoming too tired to eat what you made!

Getting older doesn’t mean having to give up control of your home. You may just have to learn to do things a little differently. Work with our expert occupational therapists to see how you can adjust your routines.



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Michele Hughes, OTR/L My name is Michele Hughes and I’m the new OT clinical director at Reddy Care. While I may be new to Reddy Care, I am not new to the field of Occupational Therapy. I have been an OT for 23 years, having graduated from Quinnipiac College (now University) in 1996 with a degree in OT. I have worked in many settings, including acute care hospitals, acute and sub-acute rehab, schools, pediatric sensory clinics, as well as over 15 years in home care (both Med A and B). Homecare is my preferred treatment setting due to the ability to treat patients individually, in their own environment. I love to see the impact that I can have on improving the quality of life of our patients.

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