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Exercise and Sports Injuries

Sports Injuries treated with Physical Therapy

Exercise and sports are healthy and good for you, but occasionally they can result in injury. Accidents, poor training practices, not properly warming up or stretching, and bad gear can all cause injuries. 


Sports injuries can be anything from sprains or strains, to fractures or dislocation of a bone. Injuries can occur suddenly and without warning or gradually over time due to overuse. Any part of the body can sustain an injury while playing sports. Some sports might make you more susceptible to overuse injuries, for example any sport which requires continuous overhead movement such as tennis and swimming, can cause shoulder injuries. It’s important to rest and get proper care before resuming sports or exercise after an injury. A proper rehabilitation plan after an injury can be important to getting you back on your feet. 


Here at Reddy Care Physical and Occupational Therapy our team of therapists are experienced in physical therapy interventions to speed healing and strengthen tissue following an injury. Using a combination of different modalities, they will create a program tailored to your specific injury. Some treatments that may be included in your treatment are:


We also have state of the art equipment such as the Alter G Anti-Gravity treadmill which allows you to exercise with out putting strain on the injured area. 


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