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Gait & Balance Training

Gait is known as a person’s pattern of walking. Gait training is a type of physical therapy to help treat an injury or a physical condition that limits the ability to walk or walk correctly. Abnormal gait increases with age due to older people experiencing poor balance and coordination, weaker muscles, and delayed reactions.


Common causes that may lead to abnormal gait may include


Benefits of gait training may include


Physical therapy and occupational therapy may be recommended for gait training. Physical therapists and occupational therapists use different techniques to help improve a patients' gait pattern. At Reddy Care Physical, Occupational and Aquatic Therapy, your physical therapist or occupational therapist will pick the best type of gait training based on your strength, mobility, condition and ability. 


Your physical therapist and/or occupational therapist will develop a personalized treatment plan that may include targeted exercises to strengthen weakened muscles, stretches to improve flexibility and changes to your footwear. Part of your gait training may include standing, sitting, stepping, and lifting your legs. 


Reddy Care has state of the art equipment to help improve a patient's gait and balance. 





If you feel like you or a loved one can benefit from gait and balance training, give us a call today at Reddy Care Physical, Occupational and Aquatic Therapy.


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Sources: ClevelandClinic, Beaumont 


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