Get Relief from Vertigo!

Physical Therapy can reduce your vertigo symptoms!

The vestibular system includes part of the inner ear and brain which help control balance and eye movement. When this system becomes damaged, for example, by disease or injury, it is referred to as a vestibular disorder. This can result in vertigo or dizziness, imbalance, vision problems, and even problems with hearing. 


The brain relies on sensory information from the ears and eyes to keep the body balanced, when there is a problem with the inner ear, your sense of balance can be greatly affected. The vestibular system is key to being able to function, and if it becomes damaged or diseased, it can become difficult to keep up your day-to-day task. 


Vestibular rehab is an exercise-based treatment designed to help patients with a vestibular disorder, or vertigo, manage their symptoms and improve their quality of life. Vestibular rehab is generally offered by a specially trained physical therapist, who will tailor a treatment plan based on the specific cause and symptoms of the patient’s vestibular issue.  For example, through certain head movements, your therapist can help move around the crystals in the inner ear that may be causing vertigo. Your therapist will help you perform these exercises in a safe environment. A majority of patients see great relief from their vertigo after a few sessions with a physical therapist.


Here at Reddy Care Physical & Occupational therapy, we have the state-of-the-art equipment and training to help you manage your vertigo symptoms. To find out more how vestibular rehab can help you, give us a call today and schedule a consultation! 




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