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How a PT Treats Vestibular Disorders

Physical Therapy can help improve or get rid of your Vestibular Conditions

Vestibular rehabilitation is an exercise-based form of treatment delivered by a specially trained physical therapist. It is designed to improve balance and treat issues related to dizziness. 


Vestibular disorders relate to the inner ear and how it affects your balance. Problems with the inner ear can lead to dizziness, vision disturbances, and balance problems. It can also cause nausea, fatigue, and cognitive difficulties. Vestibular rehab aims at improving these symptoms and providing relief.


Vertigo is a classic example of a vestibular disorder. This is where you experience a feeling of rocking or rotating while at rest. The cause of Vertigo is broken down into two categories central or peripheral. Central causes refer to those that originate in the spinal cord, while peripheral causes relate to the inner ear.  Other causes of vertigo include head injuries, tumors, stroke, and multiple sclerosis.


For peripheral vertigo, the most effective treatment is partial repositioning movements known as the Epley Maneuver. By performing specific head movements your therapist can help move the crystals in your ear that are causing vertigo. There is also a series of exercises known as Cawthorne exercises that involve a series of head and eye movements designed to decrease the sensitivity of the nerves and improve vertigo. Most patients with peripheral vertigo experience substantial relief from their symptoms with physical therapy.


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