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How Occupational Therapy can help you!

Occupational Therapy can benefit you
What is Occupational Therapy?

Most people are familiar with Physical therapy, most are less familiar with the closely aligned field of occupational therapy. While physical therapy focuses on improving function and reducing pain, occupational therapy focuses on helping patients carry out specific tasks and make activities of daily living (ADLs), more manageable.

Occupational therapy is highly valuable and has a variety of uses including:

Occupational therapy will start with an assessment or individual evaluation where the therapist will examine the patient and determine based on this and the goals of the patient, a tailored treatment program. 

Incorporating familiar environments, and objects of the patient into the treatment is very helpful in terms of the patient reaching their goals.  Having the occupational therapist treat in the home allows them to get special insight into how the patient lives and any adjustments that may need to be made. The therapist can also make any recommendations in terms of equipment that can assist in the safety of the patient. 

Here at Reddy Care Physical Therapy, we offer in home physical and occupational therapy. We understand how overwhelming and difficult it can be for some patients to drive to the clinic for their sessions. We also understand the benefit of having the patient being treated in their home, especially for elderly patients where safety and fall prevention is a concern.  Even something as simple as adjusting and rearranging the shelves in the kitchen for better accessibility can make all the difference for a patient.

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