Keeping Active When the Icy Winds Howl: Tips for Staying Active in the Winter Months

Tips for Staying Active in the Winter Months


Often when temperatures and snow begin to fall, our interest in being active drops right along with them. The shorter days and cold temperatures tend to drive us inside for the winter, and it doesn’t take long to pack on a few extra pounds. Not all of us can hit the slopes for skiing, snowboarding or sledding. Cozying up indoors can be comfortable. It is nonetheless crucial to remember that staying active is key to preventing winter weight gain, increasing energy levels, improving your mood, reducing stress, and ultimately preventing chronic disease.

Here are some ideas about how to stay active in the winter time:





 If you need some new ideas on training regimens during the winter months, give Reddy Care Physical & Occupational Therapy a call at 516-829-0030.  We can help you design a winter fitness program to facilitate your specific fitness goals while keeping you in shape and injury-free. 





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