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Massage therapy

Manual Therapy Physical Therapy

Hands on therapy doesn’t require or use any additional tools or devices, just your physical therapist hands. Some modalities which fall into the category of manipulative therapy are massage therapy, myofascial release, range of motion exercises, and craniosacral therapy. Depending on your symptoms, your therapist will recommend one or a combination of the above treatments. 


Massage therapy can be a vital part of a patients care. The soft tissue mobilization achieved by massage, can help improve circulation, relieve tension, and improve flexibility and mobility. Joint mobilization or manipulation is a type of treatment which involves gentle prolonged stretch or oscillation in a pain free range which is also used to improve mobility and range of motion.


Hands on therapy is generally well tolerated however some patients complain of stiffness and general discomfort after treatment.  This will typically subside after 24-48 hours and the benefits definitely outweigh any discomfort you may feel. Clinical studies show hands on therapy is likely to provide lasting results as well as offering tools and insights that can be used at home to ease pain in the future. 


To find out if you are a candidate for hands on therapy, call our team here at Reddy Care Physical therapy and get set up with a consultation. Our expert therapists are specially trained on different manual therapy techniques and can create the perfect program for you. Relief is only a phone call away! Call us today to schedule your appointment! 


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