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Meet our PT, Maitreyi Shukla, MSPT!

Maitreyi Shukla, MSPT - in home physical therapist

Maitreyi Shukla, MSPT


What made you get into the field of Physical Therapy?

My grandfather had a stroke while I was in high school, and at the time, I wanted to become psychiatrist, but I saw the therapist working with him and that changed my mind. Later he developed Parkinson’s while I was studying to become a PT and therapy was the only thing that kept him going. 



How long have you been practicing physical therapy?

I graduated with bachelor’s degree in India in 2009 and then practiced in the largest OPT in Mumbai for 2 years. I came to USA in 2011 and graduated from University of Pittsburgh with focus on musculoskeletal in 2012. I have been practicing since. 



What’s your favorite part about being a PT?

Patients. I genuinely enjoy my interactions. Even though it’s cliché there is something amazing when the patient you are treating gives you that smile of doing good work or a sigh of relief because now, they can walk again, or their pain is better. 


What’s your favorite condition to treat? 

I used to love treating neck conditions, everything from pain to dizziness to post ops. But now I mostly work with the geriatric population, so my new favorite is treating balance issues. I love coming up with new fun ways to challenge my patients and keep it interesting for them and me and in turn improve their quality of life. 


 How can patients benefit from treatment?

Physical therapy is one of the few branches of medicine that focuses on the wellbeing of a person, we help our patients in a wide range of issues including not only pain but also helping them to stand and walk better, help with balance and other vestibular issues, to help with their day to day challenges, and neurological issues. And considering today’s problems, we also help with improving breathing and lung function. 


What do you love about being part of the Reddy Care team?

I love how each and every member of the team both, clinical and administrative, work together to improve our quality of care. It helps to become a better clinician and motivates me to do better with each patient. 



What’s one fun fact about you?

I am an avid reader, I try and read at least 20 books a year. Also, I am learning to swim better. 



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Maitreyi Shukla, MSPT

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