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Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple Sclerosis is a chronic illness involving your central nervous system. It is an autoimmune disorder that causes progressive damage to nerves all over the body. The resulting loss of function and pain can make life considerably challenging. 


With MS, the protective layer of myelin around your nerve fibers becomes damaged. This is thought to be caused by an immune system attack. This could be the result of an environmental trigger, such as a virus or toxin.  The resulting inflammation and scar tissue disrupt the signals between your brain and other parts of the body.


Symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis can vary depending on the nerves, or part of the brain or spine affected. People suffering from MS may have periods of activity followed by periods of low to no activity. No two types of MS look the same, but some common complaints are, fatigue, difficulty walking, emotional and cognitive changes, and vertigo.


Unfortunately, there is no cure for multiple sclerosis but with a combination of medical treatment and physical rehabilitation, symptoms can be managed. Physical therapy can be crucial in helping a patient with MS improve their function and independence. Your therapist will help address any weakness or range of motion issues you may be experiencing. Using state of the art technology, physical therapy can also help patients work on their balance.  They can also assist you in learning to use any assistive aids you might need. 


If you or a loved one are suffering from MS, our team of physical and occupational therapist here at Reddy Care Physical and Occupational therapy have the tools to help you improve your quality of life. Call us today to find out how!


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