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Neuropathy and Physical Therapy


Neuropathy also called peripheral neuropathy is a term used to refer to different neuropathological conditions where your peripheral nerves get damaged. Your peripheral nervous system is the system that connects your nerves from your central nervous system to the rest of your body. Damage to your peripheral nervous system could be caused by injury or an underlying illness, like diabetes. Because these nerves play such an essential role in the movement of muscles, feeling of sensation, and even the actions of various organs like your bowel and bladder, damage to these nerves can disrupt these functions. Symptoms will vary depending on the type of neuropathy and what nerves are affected but can include pain, tingling or numbness (especially in the extremities), loss of muscle control and loss of balance.


There are over a hundred different types of neuropathy or neurological conditions, each requiring their own treatment. Sometimes a patient may need a combination of different treatments on their road to recovery. Medication, self-care, exercise, even different vitamins may all be beneficial in the management of neuropathy symptoms.  The first step would be to determine the type of neuropathy and any underlying cause to figure out the right treatment for the patient.


Physical therapy can be an instrumental tool in the management of Neuropathy and is a great non-invasive option. A physical therapist can create a tailored program based on the patient’s needs and specific symptoms. The program may include a combination of aerobic exercise, flexibility and strength training, and techniques that will help improve balance and coordination.  They can also use electrotherapy to help alleviate pain. To see how a physical therapist can help you, contact Reddy-care Physical and Occupational Therapy and schedule a consultation today!


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