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The Origins of Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy

As April is Occupational therapy month, it’s only fitting that we take a look at how occupational therapy got started and the value occupational therapists bring to their patients. 

Occupational therapy seems to have gotten its main start in the field of mental illness. In the 18th century, patients suffering from mental illness were often inhumanely thrown in prisons. Later asylums were developed in an attempt to provide a safe space for the mentally ill. Here patients were more freely able to engage in their meaningful occupations. The value in work and engagement, in helping these patients, was starting to be noticed.

Moving into 1915, the first educational program for occupational therapists was developed. This was a big step forward in the recognition of occupational therapy as a legitimate medical field. As occupational therapy became more established, its principles and practices began to spread and grow around the word.


Today occupational therapy is used in a number of different settings and in the treatment of many different issues. Occupational therapists help many on a daily basis engage and participate in activities of daily living. Some examples of how occupational therapy is used today are:

Treatment will begin with an individual evaluation and a treatment plan will be customized based on the individuals needs and goals.

Here at Reddy Care Physical and Occupational therapy, we have many skilled occupational therapists available to treat and address many different patients and conditions. To find out more about how our occupational therapists treat and the different options available, give us a call. Get started with a consultation today! 


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