Work Conditioning – getting you from injury back to work.

Work hardening

If you have suffered a serious injury, especially a work-related one, work conditioning will most likely be an important part of your rehabilitation.


Work conditioning is a type of treatment, often delivered by a physical therapist, which is focused, and goal orientated, designed to get a patient ready for re-entry into the workforce. It is an intensive treatment focused on restoring an individual’s neurological and musculoskeletal functions, especially after a period of immobility and deconditioning. It often includes the strengthening and conditioning of weak muscles or body parts and incorporates work-related simulation to help prepare you for your return to work. This is an important step in the prevention of reinjury.


After specific conditioning has been done a patient can then move onto a work hardening program.  Work hardening is similar to work conditioning but is more focused on strengthening certain body parts and helps you reach the physical performance level needed to perform the duties of your job. It enhances the body parts that have already been through conditioning. It is typically the last part of your rehabilitation before you return to work. Work hardening is specific to the type of work you do and the injury that was sustained. A physical therapist will tailor a program and design specific tasks based on your needs. This will allow you to practice certain duties of your job in a controlled environment.


Here at Reddy-Care Physical & Occupational Therapy’s Farmingdale location, as part of your work hardening program, we are an authorized WorkSTEPS provider.  WorkSTEPS is a program specifically designed to determine what an injured worker is capable of doing and when a worker can be deemed safe to return to work. Call today for a consultation, and we will make sure you return to work safely and with confidence in being able to do your job!

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